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DC Mat is a High Quality self-adhesive, foil backed Sound / Vibration damper. It is designed to be applied to the inner sheet metal of your car reducing road noise and heat. It’s as easy as cleaning the metal, removing the protective section of the mat and applying the DC mat. Anyone can do it.

Car Audio Applications
Car Audio systems can really benefit from this product. If you have spent money on a nice sound system chances are you want to get the most out of it. Road Noise was not recorded on the music tracks so why listen to them while driving. DC Mat can help eliminate these unwanted noises so you can focus on what counts, those new tunes you spent your hard earned money on. Car Exterior – You know we have all been at a stop light next to the guy who’s trunk is rattling so hard from the bass you keep watching to see if it’s going to fall off. Don’t be that guy with the car that rattles down the block, DC matt can help eliminate those exterior rattles as well. SPL Competitors – Music is energy and one of the goals in the SPL world is to be able to transfer as much energy from your sound system to the mic. DC Mat can help keep panels from flexing and increase the SPL Score. Some Championships are won by 1/10 of a DB so were here to make sure you get every last one of them.

General Automotive Noise
It does not matter if you have an Old School muscle car, the latest import or something in-between. They all make noise in some way, shape or form. The DC Mat can help quiet those Cars by reducing the amount of sound passing into the interior of the car from the road, exhaust or engine compartment making your ride quieter on the inside. It will also reduce the amount of noise that radiates from the louder cars around you from entering in your car.

Heat Reduction
DC Mat will also help your car be effected LESS by the outside weather conditions. If its hot outside it will help keep the inside cooler, If its cold outside and your running your heater it will help keep more of the heat inside the car. Overall no matter what the conditions DC Mat can help you’re your overall comfort inside the vehicle.

What We're Made Of
Foil Backing- DC Mat foil is thick Offering Superior Audio Control
Imperative to offering one of the best sound controlling mats on the market.

Butyl Rubber - High quality rubber
By offering a extremely high quality butyl rubber adhesive you can use a lighter, thinner mat with greater audio control capabilities. Why would you want this? Better control, Lighter car AND no bulging panels!! Cheap SoundDeadening uses fillers to make it look like you’re getting more for your money when really it’s just adding mass to the panels to try to accomplish what a high quality mat will do without all the filler / mass.

Customer Reviews

First class people, first class service, first class product!

John Wilhoit

Low Hertz is a lot more than a website. I know I could reach out to them if I needed anything.
No, not just with products. You can always count on quality. But questions about the hobby. Low Hertz is a movement in Car Audio. Where your not judged but helped! So get in the movement with us.
#RepTheMovement #LHCA

Ben Davis

Awesome place. Awesome customer service. Great people and always answer questions and get orders together. Great shipping time. Highly recommended. #1 spot for great service

Nick Brownell

I've been ordering from Low Hertz past few weeks now, I tell you these guys are on point! Fast shipping and the best part is... No Tax! I am a loyal customer and If you don't have the customer service like these guys, then your cut off. I will definitely get more stuff from Team Low Hertz! Thanks again for your hard work!

Johnson Thammavong

Man these guys go above and beyond. the customer service is off the charts.. #LHCA is the way to go.. I love my #LHCA bass knob, and you bet imma rock that #LHCA swag everywhere I go...

David Ebel II

Great service with every order! Always a pleasure shopping at Low Hertz Car Audio!

Kevin McLaughlin

The last 3 box designs I've purchase were all 150+ db certified in the lanes, your results may vary depending on vehicle and power but they definitely know what they're doing. Well worth the money !

Eric Feliciano

They designed my husbands box. Came out great. Never a disappointment when it comes to these guys. Definitely will be coming back for another build!

Katie Belluno
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