Full Throttle Battery

Full Throttle FT1100-31

Full Throttle FT1100-31

Full Throttle Battery

Full Throttle FT1100-31

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Cycling Capacity
20 hour rate 110 Amp Hours
Reserve Capacity
@ 25 Amps 252 minutes @ 75 Amps 50 minutes
Mechanical Specifications
Group Size 31
Terminal Type M8 (w/ TP28 Brass AP Included)
Total Height 9.33" (237 mm)
Height 8.43" (214 mm)
Width 6.81" (173 mm)
Length 12.99" (330 mm)
Weight 77.4 lbs (35.1 kg)
Case Type ABS Plastic - Flame Res Rating UL94-HB
Discharge Table (Constant Current)
Time Amps Rate
20 hr 5.5 0.05 CA
10 hr 10.1 0.1 CA
8 hr 12 0.13 CA
5 hr 18.2 0.25 CA
3 hr 27.5 0.33 CA
2 hr 38.1 0.5 CA
1 hr 67.5 1 CA
Electrical Specifications
Nominal Voltage 12 Volt
Capacity @ 100 hour rate 121 AH
Capacity @ 20 hour rate 110 AH
Capacity @ 10 hour rate 105 AH
Capacity @ 5 hour rate 96 AH
CCA 1100
CA or MCA 1360
Short Circuit Current 5000 Amps
Internal Resistance 2.2m Ω
Charge Voltages
Battery Voltages
Charge Stage 12V 24V 36V 48V
Bulk 14.7 V 29.4 V 44.1 V 58.8 V
Absorption 14.7 V 29.4 V 44.1 V 58.8 V
Float 13.6 V 27.2 V 40.8 V 54.6 V
TC Factor: -4mV/°C/cell
Temperature Range Specifications
Condition Recommended Maximum
Storage -15°C to 50°C -40°C to 71°C
Operation -15°C to 40°C -40°C to 71°C
Charge with TC -15°C to 50°C -40°C to 71°C
Charge without TC 0°C to 40°C -15°C to 50°C
Terminal Torque Specifications
Terminal Type ft-lbs in-lbs Nm
AP | DT (AP) | M6 | M6M (stud) | TP07 (AP) | TP08 (AP) 4.2 - 6.13 50-83 5.6 - 7.22
FR45 6.0 - 7.18 70-103 7.9 - 10.14
M8 | LT 7.1 - 8.13 85-108 9.6 - 10.20
DT (stud) | M10M (stud) 9.2 - 10.17 110-138 12.2 - 14.13

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